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This is a fan game and not affiliated with Innersloth LLC, and the content contained therein is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Innersloth LLC.

The ULTIMATE Among Us Arena experience has arrived! Hosting a TON of new features that'll make this look like a BRAND NEW game compared to the original release!

If you like this game, please consider donating to support the REAL fighting game my team and I are currently working on! 

  • Some quick notes before you start playing!
    • Default keyboard controls are WASD / TYU GHJ
    • If you're trying to use a controller, we've had issues with Steam's controller support. Potential solutions include:
      • Make sure Steam is closed and not running
      • Run the game through Steam's "Non-Steam Application" feature.
    • Yes, you can change your controls! It's in the settings menu!
    • When playing online there's currently a weird bug that results in a disconnect if you press too many buttons when the game's over but before the menu comes up. Try not to press buttons when the game's over or else you'll have to reconnect!
Updated 7 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
GenreFighting, Action
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, social-deduction, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Sometimes when playing local, the game will just crash for no reason when you try to slect rematch (Version 2.9.9-A) There is no pattern, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

hmm, i'll need to look into this. Thank you for letting me know!

It keeps telling me that is's forbidden

do 32 bit plez

sad that it’s not a viable on macbooks..

Crashes instantly


[ITA] Facile da giocare, difficile da giocare bene.
[ENG] Easy to play, hard to master

real ganster sh1t GGS to creator


i hate how this game is actually good


This game is amazing if you are reading this I recommend this. One thing is when I in the middle of playing the screen starts going black and I have to restart my PC could you fix that? Thank you for the great game


I believe the bug you are talking about happens sometimes when playing online and the game disconnects.

If it's what I'm thinking I've already got the fix ready for next patch, I'm just waiting to release it until after next weekend just in case any other bugs come up and I can fix a bunch of things at once!




Good game, I suck at it tho 10/10

(1 edit) (-8)

He forgot about mobile


I didn't forget about mobile, mobile would be a lot of work since it'd have to be notably different, basically it's own game. I'm not putting in the work for a mobile version, likely ever.



Hello, it seems that V-Sync is bugged, the moment I enable it and leave the settings it autodisables


Thanks for letting me know! It'll be available in the next update!

thank you for the swift reply :) I usually play fgs with vsync off but I'd love to have the game looking at its best for stuff like recording and general show around. I was able to force it in the nvidia settings but I have to assume that might give minor performances issues.

Thank you for your work and am hyped for your new developing fighting game. Best of luck

bro this game is so good

Can u plz add online multiplayer or Lan multiplayer?


The game has online multiplayer?


has anyone else found the undefined and blank characters 

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Bro I dont have steam how do I play it without


If you don't have steam it should just work?? The thing mentioning steam is mainly saying that if you HAVE steam then it might mess up the controls and explains how to fix that

If you don't have steam just extract the zip folder somewhere and open the .exe & it should work!

ok thx!

Even though I don't like Among Us for a long time now, it was a short interest anyway, I got a faze for fighting games, especially those with online game mode. And I like this game. Simple. But there is one problem. I may be just a newbie, but blocking is extremely hard. In other fighting games, even those considered hard, blocking, I think, is either stand still or hold "move back" button. Maybe in some cases even both of those mechanics. But here you seem to need to press "move back" button, 100% perfectly, during opponent's attack. Which is just again, VERY hard. Which makes fights with cpu, for example very irritating. Like in arcade mode, the second enemy, black crew mate, is spamming one attack, most of time, and you can't do much against it, other than blocking and waiting for them to stop, but with how hard blocking is, I was just ending up in cpu's combos. Also the pause, after either of player's win, between rounds, is a bit too long to.


you can hold move back

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Okay. You're right. Sorry for that. But I must say also, that ai is not very interesting. They always go for neck snap, when near you. And when far away, they mostly spam one attack. But still, a nice game. Simple. With ability to do some satisfying combos.

yeah fair enough,the only bot that can't be cheesed easily is red,but that's supposed to be the boss of arcade anyways

On Linux through WineHQ, this game is nice and smooth (coming from an fighting game beginner), though I personally don't care for Among Us, it's pretty solid nonetheless.

My issue is that there's a wacked out screen where when I try to change my control scheme for the joystick I use (HORI RAP4 Kai to be specific), I can't see any text in terms of the input assignment screen. Are there any Windows DLL's or utilities that I need to install onto my prefix?


the online multiplayer doesnt work i tried it with a friend multiple times but it didnt work but besides that thegame is really good


It should work, you guys putting in the same code? There's also a bug with the way the game's set up right now that if you both click the join game button online at the exact same time it doesn't connect, so maybe that's the issue

Try one player joining the game, and other person waiting a second or two first before trying to connect! Hope this helps!

Please make a mobile version please pls pls plssss


Hi, is it possible to port this to Mac? Thanks


add an option to change Spanish language please


Will it be ported to linux? I would really like to play it on the steam deck. It's an amazing fighting game and we've done a few tournaments at our school


It's already compatible with steam deck! You just have to add it as a non-steam game and make sure it's using some compatibility options! I got it working on mine at least!

extract the game's zip file, go to your steam library, click "Add a Game" at the bottom left, click "Add a Non-Steam Game...", click browse on the little pop up, find the folder where you have the game saved, then double click the .exe of the game

I needed this, this is now my way to feel better before Mondays


Are you going to have more stuff that lets the game run better


you could try running it at a lower resolution in fullscreen mode? Best I can do at this time.

I have tryed that. it let's me in now but it still crashes when useing some super and attacks. Its Still a fun game tho

Really hoping my PC gets fixed soon so I can play this, it actually looks so fun

aaaaand it still crashing


this game is genuinely great and the animations are good, +1 for making yellows special move twerking

could this be copyrighted?

Unfortunately, I'm not actually a part of Innersloth so this is just a fan-made thing. That's also why I made it free to download lol

oh ok.


one of the games of our time


I played this game with a friend for a couple hours last night and actually had a ton of fun! I was surprised how entertaining it was and I love how the sus abilities for so many of the characters were references to other fighting games (bonus points for Tan having Phoenix Wright's objection ability from MvC3, lol)

My friend and I agreed that the full screen laser super felt a bit busted (since the hitbox is so big you can't jump over it and the game also features chip damage there's seemingly no way to avoid it other than parrying although I admit I may have missed it if there is). I also felt like Olive's command grab is REALLY strong and I was able to consistently wipe the floor with opponents with it, lol.

Other than that, though double thumbs up! I saw your guys' studio is also developing an original fighting game now, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it, you all seem really talented. Cheers!


nah this game was fun I made a video on it with me and my friend and we had a laugh here it is if you wanna check it out 

its 4GB indey games dont go up that high on space for your computer thats why

Uh, for some reason the game keeps crashing

yes the game is crashing for me too🙁

Uh, I think I found a color that doesn't exist. Is It a bug or an egg?

omg its the best game i even played on itch.io!!!!

hey!you!what are you looking for?download nowww!!!!!!

Deleted 77 days ago

i agree

What version is your "original"? you can still download past versions here: https://starcutter.itch.io/among-us-arena-archive

The non-ultimate versions

Henry STickmin arena pls

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