Version 2.9.8 Patch Notes

  • Changed how the post-battle menu works
      • Now both players will have their own menus, resulting in players be able to leave or change characters at their own paces.
    • Fixed a graphical bug regarding Lavender P2 color on the Airship stage
        • The shadow had an incorrectly assigned material, causing it to clip into the floor
      • Adjusted Brown Sus, Banana Sus to make follow-up timing more consistent
      • Made Sabotage auto-turnaround, this was most noticeable during Lavender's Command Back Throw.
      • Apricot can now only have one EX on screen at once (it used to be two)
      • Brown Sus does not hit Purple's Angel
      • Fixed Random Matchmaking having settings set to 4k HP instead of 3K
      • Purple Cooldown slightly shorter
      • Purple Angel will spawn slightly behind Purple if the opponent occupies the space where the Angel would have normally spawned


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