Version 2.4.7 Patch Notes


  • Shared Moveset Changes
    • Crouching and Air Gun can be held to space out the gunshot.
    • Tongue Parry can no longer be bursted
  • SSPS (Sus Spam Prevention System) added
    • Basically, if you spam the Sus moves too much without using other moves, the damage of the sus move will decrease.
  • Signature Color Moves Changes
    • Lime Tweaks
      • Is more disjointed and hits earlier
    • Chocolate always launches, deals more damage
    • Tan Sus Launches Better
    • Olive Tweaks
      • Standing attack has faster startup
      • Air attack moves forwards for the grab
    • Pink Tweaks
      • Damage increased
      • Able to cancel on whiff
      • Able to cancel from ground S to air S on hit
    • Black
      • Has TRUE input (623 S) which has stronger properties
    • White
      • Can be inputted as a super with a motion input (236236 S)
      • Dash cancel is free
      • Dash cancel can only be done once per combo
      • More meter gain
    • Maroon has more meter gain


  • Tongue Parry can no longer activate a "Counter-hit"


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