Version 2.4.5 Patch Notes


  • Shared Moveset Changes
    • Standing Gun dash/jump cancel window is later
    • Pushblock Changes
      • No longer costs meter
      • Prevents opponents from cancelling momentum until the pushblock ends
  • Sabotage Super Changes
    • Chip Damage increased during install
    • Stray hit damage increased during install
    • Length Extended by 2.5s
    • Damage increase during install has been halved
  • Right-Hand Man Beam Super Changes
    • Is now grab-invulnerable
  • Signature Color Moves Changes
    • Blue second hit will now properly kill
    • Blue no longer armor breaks
    • Orange Sus has less vertical juggle
    • Yellow's hitbox is more disjointed
    • Yellow no longer armor breaks
    • Purple's Lavender ghost now travels forward slightly
    • Cyan physics tweaks
      • No longer hangs in midair
      • Stronger force against air opponents
      • Tweaked actionable frames
    • Rose's hitbox is more disjointed
    • Olive damage rebalancing, first hit will deal more of the damage. Same total damage.
    • Chocolate can armor infinite times, will lose to moves that deal more than 140 damage
    • Chocolate bounce values changed
    • Flame no longer armor breaks
    • Fortegreen is no longer invuln, act 3 frames later


  • Standing Gun now consistently hits during the smear frame
  • Small visual flourish when using Sabotage and Megaphone supers


  • Re-enabled mouse controls on the options screen
  • Grab Break Leniency improved
  • Pushblock should now work properly


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