Version 2.2.8 Patch Notes


  • White Sus deals less damage
  • White Sus has less active frames
  • Lime Sus now has juggle decay
  • Black Sus has a slightly taller hurtbox
  • Megaphone Super has no invincibility on startup
  • Sabotage Super damage nerf
  • RHM Beam Super hitbox now reaches the floor
  • Moves that land cancel into an extended landing animation have to wait longer before inputting a non-super move.
  • Certain damage scaling features have been tweaked.


  • Rose Sus can no longer be can cancelled into RHM super in the air (Was a bug)
  • Fixed an issue with Olive Air Sus where it would sometimes cause a strange freezing glitch
  • Last hit of Purple Sus should come out earlier.
  • Burst now auto-corrects


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