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i have a problem.. for some reason whenever i play the game it lags so much. i am on a windows 11 pc. and the core is i5.

if you know any way to fix this please tell me

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Try optimizing your PC. I recommend Razer Cortex

I have a laptop with an Intel/Nvidia CPU and GPU and it runs just fine, so I’m not sure

its not that computer...... my computer dosent have a giant box

when is rollback?


The game already has rollback

is this controller supported




Yes, but it’s highly recommended to use Steam’s controller support

tengo problemas de optimización, el juego simplemente se traba demasiado y es in-jugable
cuento unos humildes 4 gigabites de ram y graficas integradas intel
ayuda -,-


i like the game, but the AI could use some work because IT LITERALLY CHEATS. often times, i see myself getting beat out by things as weak as a poke when i was using a literal shoryuken, i felt the AI got a lot more super meter than i did since they used supers a lot despite getting absolutely destroyed, they used bursts the MOMENT i hit them, and they got counters despite getting hit after they flashed. the story mode would be fun since it lets you learn about different playstyles, but it doesn't account for certain specific playstyles and it also has, of course, cheating AI


So you're saying the AI is sus?


sounds like a skill issue lol



this is legitimately really fun serious props for actually putting this much effort in


This was so much fun, great job.

this is much better than it has any right to be, especially with Potem- i mean Olive my beloved

Alguien habla españo xd?

Как только запустил, показало серый экран, попытался ввключить через дистпетчер задач так как обвчным путём оно не выклбчалось, выключилось только с 5 попытки. Вроде ввключилось, все программы закрылись. Всключилась опять эта игра и бесконечный серый экран. Пришлось выключать пк через розетку. Не советую, фуфло ещё то (видеокарта GeForcе 1030, 5 гигов оперативной памяти) 

alta facha


I was honestly surprised, this is a smooth, well put together fighting game that just happens to be Amogus. Was an absolutely great time to play, would Booty Blast Imposters again!


Can you add neco arc

damn they gonna kill her ;-;


Maybe consider building a mobile version too with in-app purchases. You'll become more successful with such addictive gameplay


Why is this unironically one of my new favorite fighting games? It's just so GOOD, like chef's kiss, hats off, immaculately executed




This game is so dope! Who knew adding fighting to Among Us would make it so much fun! Great job! 




the ultiamte mong experience…


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This game is awesome!!!


ive been looking for this foreve

This game freezes a lot, at least for me. Took a bit to unfreeze after it booted up, then it was lagging a lot in training mode.


peak computer software




oh hell yeah, it' back

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