Version 1.2.0 & 1.2.1 Patch Notes

Version 1.2.1 

I think this is the definitive version of Among Us Arena. Many long-standing issues I've had with the game's presentation or gameplay have been fixed in addition to some fun additions. 

General Changes
- Taunts inputs have been changed from pressing down 5 times to pressing down 3 times
- 5L can chain into 2L and vice versa although 2L has a cooldown on using it too much.
- When using a 3rd+ wallbounce move, the angle and knockback has been altered so it pops the opponent up much like a launcher.
- Many taunts have been given secondary effects. 

- Chaining into 5K has been altered, hopefully this will allow for less situations where messing up and inputting 5K (Hold) when trying to get the fast version
- Fixed a blind spot in 5G
- Grabbing while in the corner should look less glitchy
- j.5K will look less odd when used after the opponent has died.
- Fixed a typo in the P2 training mode stats

Version 1.2.0
Yup, you heard that right, one-point-TWO-point-oh. I think the game has evolved to the point where it's no longer the same game as 1.1.0. This patch doesn't change too much, but it does bring some much-needed changes.

General Changes
- NEW input system, switched to Rewired instead of Cinput. This means that you'll have to remap your controls, but it should work with more controllers.
- Discord link on the title screen. Because why not?
- Various bugfixes and tweaks. 

- Counter properly beats armor now.
- Rose's taunt projectile now acts as intended.
- All moves are able to be used while in preblock.


Among Us Arena 1.2.1 65 MB
Apr 29, 2022

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